Enhance your tech and soft skills

Developing a combination of technical and soft skills can enhance your career potential and enable you to thrive in.

ARDS Mentor GPT API powered programming mentor to help you enhance your skills.

Our bootcamps and courses

Our bootcamps and courses are designed to help you grow both professionally and personally. We believe in combining technology training with essential life skills to provide a well-rounded learning experience. Whether you're just starting out in programming or seeking to advance your skills, our programs are a great resource for anyone looking to grow and succeed in their career.

Concepts we cover

Object Oriented Programming
SOLID Programming
Basics of Computer Science to make it easy to understand most of the programming languages.
Software development lifecycle
Creating Web apps, PWAs and Mobile Apps using modern tech stack
Cyber Security
Data Analytics

Programming Languages

HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript

Front end frameworks and libraries

React, React Native, Next
Vue, Nuxt
Svelte, Svelte Kit

Backend frameworks

Fast API


MySQL, Postgre SQL
Mongo DB, Firebase firestores

Cloud Services


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More resources to learn from


CrystalData Analyst

BettyComputer Science Student

PeteStudent on our Udemy Course

Csermely GergelyStudent on our Udemy Course

Emad Ebaid

Emad EbaidPhD Student at Lancaster University


RaniCofounder adirani DS Ltd

Liam Burke

Liam BurkeStudent on our Udemy Course

Katarzyna Czarczynska

Katarzyna CzarczynskaAspiring web developer

Huda Kukaswadia

Huda KukaswadiaWeb developer