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Enhance your career potential by developing both your tech/digital and soft skills.

Our bootcamps and courses

Our bootcamps and courses are designed to help you grow both professionally and personally. We believe in combining technology training with essential life skills to provide a well-rounded learning experience. Whether you're just starting out in programming or seeking to advance your skills, our programs are a great resource for anyone looking to grow and succeed in their career.

Concepts we cover

Object Oriented Programming
SOLID Programming
Basics of Computer Science to make it easy to understand most of the programming languages.
Software development lifecycle
Creating Web apps, PWAs and Mobile Apps using modern tech stack
Cyber Security
Data Analytics

Programming Languages

HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript

Front end frameworks and libraries

React, React Native, Next
Vue, Nuxt
Svelte, Svelte Kit

Backend frameworks

Fast API


MySQL, Postgre SQL
Mongo DB, Firebase firestores

Cloud Services


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CrystalData Analyst

Adi's use of simple analogies and walking through code to explain complex programming concepts in Python and Vue makes these languages less scary and more approachable as a beginner.

BettyComputer Science Student

Thanks for all the thorough explanation and for 'thinking out loud' as that helped me in understanding more things that my university could ever offer! I went from hating web development, to thinking that I might actually go down the path and to dive deeper into it.

PeteStudent on our Udemy Course

So much knowledge and information shared. Very easy to understand and learn. Thank you!

Csermely GergelyStudent on our Udemy Course

Nice video, and keep smiling :) I like it!
Emad Ebaid

Emad EbaidPhD Student at Lancaster University

I attended a boot camp on Next.js and Garchi CMS to learn about building a headless e-store. The boot camp was led by Adi, who did a great job of simplifying the concept and demonstrating step-by-step coding.

I learned how to use the Next JS and Garchi CMS to build a headless e-store and was very excited about the possibilities it opened up for me. Adi has a wealth of programming skills and broad technical knowledge, and he teaches patiently and smoothly, which helped me learn quickly.

RaniCofounder adirani DS Ltd

Adi is an excellent instructor who taught me Python and web technologies. Despite having a non-technical background, I found his explanations clear and easy to understand, and he was very encouraging throughout the course.

Adi helped me build upon my foundational knowledge and gain clarity on things I already knew, making it an invaluable learning experience.
Liam Burke

Liam BurkeStudent on our Udemy Course

Adis Vue.js course helped me massively understand the basics of Vue and all its features. I’ll definitely be looking to use the course again in the future.
Katarzyna Czarczynska

Katarzyna CzarczynskaAspiring web developer

Very thorough, easy to follow and understand course that requires you to think and solve issues by yourself at times as a few parts were slightly outdated. I found this helpful and was able to utilize that to learn debugging and research to correct them.

Aditya is an excellent instructor, very helpful knowledgeable. Highly recommend!
Huda Kukaswadia

Huda KukaswadiaWeb developer

I took the Vue boot camp last year and I have never been more satisfied with any online platform before. Aditya is one of the best teachers and mentors out there.

The bootcamp was an immersive learning experience whilst Aditya also made sure it remains fun and interesting. Aditya made sure we understood each concept thoroughly by constantly engaging us.

Moreover, it proved to be extremely beneficial for me as I was able to put my knowledge gained from the bootcamp into practice at my next job