Quality first approach

We believe in ethical business and make sure that our quality in the work is not compromised.

about us

adirani Digital Solutions started with the sole aim to offer relevant solutions for the growth of your company or business. We established our business in 2021 and opened a door of opportunities for the growth of your business through the various solutions and services that we offer.

Our excellent and experienced team runs the operations with ease and confidence to boost your tech and digital growth. In 2020, we developed Garchi SaaS, which is a Headless CMS API Solution.

Our Services

App development

We have highly skilled developers who can develop
web in Vue, React, Svelte, Laravel, Django,
Next JS, Nuxt JS and mobile app in React Native and Java.

API and Microservices

We have highly skilled developers who can develop
API (REST, GraphQL) and microservices in Express, Fast API and Laravel.

Domains we worked in

We can create app and microservices for various domains including but not limited to cloud computing, serverless, e-commerce, headless cms, machine learning, dapps, IoT.

Automation to help grow your business

We can look in to your existing tech stack or can help you to choose one if you are starting fresh. We can develop serverless APIs and app to bring in automation in your business.


Choosing a right tech stack for a startup is crucial and challenging as well. Have a chat with us, we will guide you to choose the best possible tech stack according to your business needs.

Digital skills development

New to the tech world? Looking for career shift in programming? Learn collaboratively from our highly skilled instructors. We will provide you proper training through our amazing programming boot camps.

Our Achievements

25+ companies served

Created mobile and web apps
for 25+ companies.

Serving internationally

Serving companies based in
UK and India.

Enhanced 500+ people' tech skills

Creating programming boot camps to enhance tech skills of
students, staffs and people looking for career shift in programming.

Open source libraries

Created open source libraries for styled Vue and
React components, Metamask authentication for Vue 3

Our Awards