Ology Kids Casting

The Client

Project Ology Kids Casting The Client Ology Kids Casting is a kids and family talent casting agency. They have worked with big companies like Disney, Nike, Apple, Google, M&S. The company is based in Ormskirk, England and has a great name for casting great talents.

The Project's Aim & Problems

The project’s aim was to reduce cloud costs and increase the performance of the website. The website consisted of two major components: the marketing site and a search portal where casting directors or anyone could search for talents suitable for their project.

Due to the CMS restrictions, Ology was not able to enhance the power of automation and customisation that could be potentially brought into their website. It can potentially become costly to maintain, load slowly, and clunky over a period of time. Ology would like a faster and cost-efficient website moving forward.

The project was broken down into phases. Phase 1 was working on the primary requirements, with phase 2 working on ongoing changes and enhancements.

The primary requirements included but not limited to performance efficiency, cost-cutting, automation and scalability & customisation moving forward.

The Length of the Project

Around 2 months.

Our Role

We worked as a consultant and a full-stack developer for the search portal. We worked with Ology's director in order to make sure we are on the same page.

Our Approach

We first identified the bottlenecks in the performance. Then we tried to understand how we can overcome/minimise the tight coupling of the legacy CMS with the front-end and how we can leverage the power of Headless CMS.

We needed to make sure that the user experience is not compromised but to enhance it as much as possible.

Then we decoupled the search portal from the marketing website and pushed it to a subdomain. This reduced the cost of cloud services to a great extent. The search portal is custom coded and used the power of Headless CMS. It has become faster, automated, with real-time data updates and open-ended so that there will be negligible issue when scaling up.

The Result

Even though there are two websites but it brought in several advantages in terms of Ology's productivity and end-user's experience. We are currently still working with Ology. Until now, there hasn't been any problems in terms of scalability, automation, adding new features and business relationships.

The decoupled search portal of the talents for casting directors in search for talents.


It has been a pleasure to work with Aditya during the on-going improvements to the site - his knowledge and professionalism is absolutely superb and the upgraded site has significantly increased productivity throughout the agency.

Andrew Duckworth

Creative Director at Ology Kids Casting