The Client

Okay LOA is a Lytham based company providing trusted authentication of consumer data access to agents and TPI's from service providers and suppliers.

The Project's Aim & Problems

The project’s aim was to create a secure portal where consumers can validate their Letter of Authority (LOA), whether it’s created by themselves or by third-party agents. This poses a challenge of which data security might get compromised due to multiple users having access to the application.

The Length of the Project

Around 6 months.

Our Role

We worked as a consultant and a full-stack developer for the web portal, working in collaboration with OKAY LOA's co-founder.

Our Approach

To solve this, we thought of creating a web application with role-based authentication. This means creating an admin portal to monitor all the activities happening across the platform. As the platform users are people who may or may not have technical background, it’s important to provide a smooth user experience. This is why we introduce LinkedIn Authentication for the users to login faster as one login method.

Another side-challenge we solved along the way is the creation and validation of the LOA. This is solved by automating the validation steps as much as possible to reduce human interactions and errors.

The Result

We've got a working system as according to OKAY LOA's requirements.

OKAY LOA's sign in page

OKAY LOA's Letter of Authority creator tool


Aditya (adirani's co-CEO) has supported our businesses by writing software for complex, data intensive analysis and user accessible portals

Jonathan Akers

Co-founder at Okay Worldwide Ltd & Director at Axiom Utilities Ltd