AXIOM Utilities

The Client

AXIOM Utilities Ltd is a specialist management consultancy with unique experiences in innovative product development and service provision in utilities for the public sector. The company is based in Lytham, England and has a great name in the energy sector.

The Project's Aim & Problems

The project’s aim is to create a web portal for real-time data analysis and validation. But there are two problems we’ve encountered here. The first problem is the huge amount of data, which requires a very detailed level of normalisation. The second problem is the possibility of dramatic lower system performance and user experience when analysing a huge amount of raw data.

The Length of the Project

Around 6 months.

Our Role

We worked as a consultant and a full-stack developer for the web portal, working in collaboration with 2 members from AXIOM.

Our Approach

We thought of digitising the records first. This is so that we can clean and normalise the data, which will help us to provide a great level of descriptive and prescriptive data analysis. We also found a potential challenge along the way.

Because of the complex calculations it has to do, validating the data set might cause lower performance to the system as the code may execute additional query statements (the N+1 database problem). In order to prevent this from happening, we optimised the data query process.

The Result

We've got a working system as according to AXIOM's requirements. We still work continuously with the AXIOM in terms of updates and maintenance. The team from AXIOM was very helpful in every step by providing us with constructive feedback and suggestions.

The login page of AXIOM's web portal

The analytic histogram in the dashboard


“Aditya (adirani's co-CEO) has supported our businesses by writing software for complex, data intensive analysis and user accessible portals.”

Jonathan Akers

Co-founder at Okay Worldwide Ltd & Director at Axiom Utilities Ltd